Fuuhen Fuun

“The curse of the sword is very much real. To carry the shards of Fuuhen Fuun is to invite danger at every turn. You will be beset by evil the entire journey. No amount of gold could truly reward you for accomplishing this task.” -Daimyo Shimazu Yoshihisa

Fuuhen Fuun, a cursed, blackened blade in 13 pieces, sought after by many. At present, 12 of the pieces are carried by Mamoru with the final piece in the possession of several fledgling members of the Aokigahara 13.

“So we’re grabbing some broken sword? Why not just buy a new one?” -Caren

"My great grandfather commissioned this blade as a gift for the shogun from the swordsmith Masamune. So prized was this sword that my grandfather carried it with him everywhere. Two years he carried the sword, using any excuse he could to not deliver it to the shogun as promised. His greed tainted the weapon, and when he finally went to deliver it, he encountered a monster."

"It killed his guards, and attempting to defend himself, my ancestor used the sword against the monster. But it shattered instantly in his hand, killing him. Only restoring it and delivering it to its’ rightful keeper can purify the blade." -Daimyo Shimazu Yoshihisa

“Nezumi does not see why cursed sword is so important. Nezumi curses all the time, without swords.”

Fuuhen Fuun

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